16 maj, 2017

Get started


Great – you found Gardenize – The App for YOU and YOUR GARDEN!
Here is a short guide to help you get you started.

The first time you open Gardenize you get a short intro with a few screens. Swipe through them to get a feeling of what you can use Gardenize for.
When you are done, you will see this screen.

As it looks a bit dull, I propose you quickly get started by adding your first plant. You do that by clicking the button with the + sign in the lower right corner and choose ”NEW PLANT”

  and you will see this: 

Now, click on the camera symbol, and take a picture of a plant, or pick a photo of a plant from your own photo gallery. In this example I have put a photo of a Rose called Queen Elisabeth, so I write that as the plant name and variety.


If I want I can add notes and more details, but I can also do that later. I can also
– Add more photos to the same plant
– Change the name of the plant
– Edit and Draw on the photo

To save the new plant I click the Tic mark in the top right corner.

Tada – my first plant is saved in Gardenize!



Click on the green button with the plus sign again, and choose ”NEW AREA”.


Do the same process as you did for adding a new plant:
1. Take a  photo/pick one from gallery
2. Name the Area
3. Write a note

4. If you click MORE DETAILS you also get the option to add PLANTS to that area.


Save by clicking the Tic mark.

Keep adding your plants and areas. You can have any kind of plants or garden areas. Add ad many photos and as much notes as you want.



Once you have started to build your Plant and Area libraries, you can start to note your GARDEN EVENTS/ACTIVITIES. You do that in MY DIARY.

In MY DIARY, click on the button with the + sign.

1. Note the Activity type
2. Add a photo – if you want
3. Note Plant name – if you want
4. Note the Area – if you want
5. Add more details – if you want


Good luck!

Do you have questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to contact us at: info@gardenize.se
Happy Gardening!


Jenny R 216-02-05